About Clan Leask USA

A considerable variety of opinions have been put forward regarding the origin of the name of Leask. Separating these opinions and family stories can be a difficult task and requires a significant amount of research; especially when the spellings vary so greatly including the surnames Laesk, Laisk, Lask, Laysk, Laysak, Leisk, Lesh, Lesk, Leysk, Liesk, Lisk, Lusk, and of course Leask.

Clan Leask USA is dedicated to bringing individuals with these names together to discover our shared heritage through historical and scientific research. Our research efforts are organized by John McPherson Leask II, Mac, and our websites are run by his son, John McPherson Leask III, Jay. We encourage all Leasks of any spelling to join The Clan Leask Society.

Clan Leask USA

Web: https://clan.leask.com
Genealogy: http://research.leask.com

The Clan Leask Society

Inquiries & Membership: chairman@clan-leask.org.uk
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